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    The NBA Thread

    Canadian kid played at syracuse.
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    Scommessopoli : 2009-2010 betting Scandal in Italy (yes, this again :sergio:)

    If that was Juve it would be Serie B
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 2 - 0 Napoli (20th Oct 2012)

    I like this lineup
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 1-1 Shakhtar Donetsk (Oct. 2nd 2012)

    As far as formations go I think they should be both mastered. Its good to give opponents a different look and also it can shake up the team a little bit. I hope this game is a lesson learned and it should. Whenever your in a group that has a club that will most likely lose every game it...
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 1-1 Shakhtar Donetsk (Oct. 2nd 2012)

    This game still really pisses me right off.
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    Sons of Anarchy

    set up episode. Godda have them unfortunately.
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    2012-2013 Juventus Full Matches [NO SPOILERS]

    any downloads for today's CL match?
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 4-1 Roma (29th Sept - 2012)

    man that wast worth avoiding all contact of footy fans and watching it on tape delay without knowing the score. Its beautiful watching Zeman getting kicked in the teeth. Roma should go back to Serie B just to make it fair for that loser Zeman
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    2012-2013 Juventus Full Matches [NO SPOILERS]

    nothing for today's match?
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    2012-2013 Juventus Full Matches [NO SPOILERS]

    Thanks Alex always appreciate
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    2012-2013 ALL JUVE GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS & Full Matches

    Yes I would like the same. I have been busy all day and been avoiding all Soccer fans/sports networks all day hehe BTW. THanks Alex for your full match links your the best
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    [ITA] Serie A 2012/2013

    Juve have to basically clear the first half of this years schedule. Its totally possible
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    [ITA] Serie A 2012/2013

    44. I agree with them underrateing Vucinic. He does make lazy plays and dissappears at times but overall this season he has been Juve's best player up front.