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    [CL] Real Madrid 1-1 JUVENTUS (May 13th, 2015)

    Wow. Been a while since I've been on here. But it sure feels good to be dining at football's top table again. Let's do this guys. Fino alla finale!
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    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    Del Piero seems to have something against scoring goals that are even remotely ordinary this season. :)
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS vs Real Madrid (10/21/08)

    First off, I loved the grit and determination on full display tonight. There was some excellent closing down today, and unsurprisingly the lethargy I've seen in recent weeks was replaced by some great energy and fight in the team. Yet, I cannot help but feel the need to point out a few things...
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    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    Was thinking about summarizing that first half, but I think that sums it up well enough.
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    Your opinion on new transfers

    The biggest mistake the board's made this season is obvious; instead of pinpointing exactly positions the team is most lacking and filling those gaps, they have simply opted to obtain "a top class player in every department", in the words of Secco. Its not hard to spot why, either; they have...
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    Serie A: Inter vs Juventus [March 22 , 2008]

    I will stop a little short of saying we owned Inter, they were our equals in the first half and were not too far off from salvaging a little something from the game after all. Yet, as with all of you, the virtuoso second half performance remains all of the match that is etched in my mind, and I...
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    FIFA Club World Cup 2007

    What a masterclass by Kaka today. Great vision for both goals and plenty of moments of brilliance for the highlights reel as well. Seedorf being the other outstanding performer of the day, covering for the uncharacteristically sloppy Gattuso. To be fair, Boca had an played the second half with...
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    [ITA] Serie A 2007/2008

    Bravo Giovinco! He's really proving a lifesaver for Empoli this season. :smile:
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    Lazio - Juventus

    Mighty thanks for the video uploads guys, your work is underappreciated around here. :thumbs: Oh, and Forza Juve. :smile:
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    Books you're reading

    Bought Craig Thompson's Blankets and devoured it in a day. Twice, no less. It's an experience to be savoured and so subtly filled with poignancy and emotion I began reading it again immediately after finishing it. I was skeptical the rave reviews and awards but its won me over.
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    Studying in the UK

    I do suppose it can't be helped. The UK universities are base a large part of their funding on the leeching of exorbitant course fees for international students. Its made worse by the fact that in the UK the college league tables are everything and heavy emphasis is placed on the raw amount of...
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    Studying in the UK

    I don't see how you could arrive at that figure to be honest. Fees alone for classroom based courses (ie Humanities, Social Sciences) are set around 9 to 13k pounds, laboratory courses (Medicine, Dentistry) twice that. Lodging comes up to around 100 pounds a week. Then there's food etc. In SGD...
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    Studying in the UK

    All told I'm looking at a budget of roughly 25k pounds a year. Which is a real bummer but couldn't have expected anything less anyway.
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    Studying in the UK

    For now its going to be self-financed, though I would obviously love to obtain a scholarship. I do have peers who are also going to the UK who will be paid (on top of fully sponsored fees and an allowance) to take the same course. Lucky bastards. :biggrin:
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    Studying in the UK

    Imperial is like the MIT of the UK, and isn't known for its arts or law faculties unfortunately.