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  1. Beppe Marotta new GM?

    Baldini seems a good choice..
  2. Diego Ribas da Cunha

    probably 7 or 11
  3. Diego DONE DEAL(read posts #1 & #4786)

    probably seven will be his number .. i hope juve can get grosso though.. and another left back
  4. Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    GOAL !!1 2-2
  5. Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    Gio nice assist
  6. Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    iquatt scores !!
  7. Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    2-0 down this is saddenin!
  8. Serie A : Juventus vs Milan [April 12th, 2008]

    full credits to ranieri and the entire team =P .. milan played not bad too .. one thing i should say .. the rivalry between this 2 great teams. is great. great friendship before the match. and both teams played well. this scene cannot be found during...
  9. Diego Ribas da Cunha

    i doubt diego will come.. too expensive for a player... for juventus management..
  10. Serie A: Napoli vs Juventus [October 27th 2007]

    Iezzo blocked another Trezeguet header from Palladino, this time on the left flank, but on the hour mark the referee pointed to the spot. Zalayeta flicked back for Lavezzi and Chiellini performed a fantastic tackle to pluck the ball off his foot. However, the referee insisted it was a penalty...
  11. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    its another dive.. dunoe wht fuck the referee doing
  12. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    another penaty vs us ~ argh \
  13. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    wonderful assist and good header by trezeguet
  14. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    common juve u can do it
  15. Juventus vs. Newcastle on 7-29-07

    ! starting line up