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    Saudis' King Fahd dies

    8 8 :( allah yr7mah :frown:
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    Thweet Thexth-teen :P

    Asma .. Happy Birthday dear :D May all your wished come true ;)
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    How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?

    Mine is 489.2 Kbps :rolleyes:
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    An important day

    Happy Birthday Srecka Wish all your dreams come true ;)
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    LA COPPA: Juventus - Lazio (0:2)

    we hope so :)
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    How did it come true?

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    At the stadium, at home, or at a bar?

    Of course at home :angel:
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    Another 1000 up there among the stars

    Congrats ahead :thumb:
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    1000 posts

    Congrats :D
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    Black Jersey 2003/2004

    I prefer the PINK :)
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    post picture's of your life

    Great pictures Lilianna ;)
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    George Dubya Bush Poser + some ads

    Poor cat :frown::frown: thanx 4 sharing :thumb:
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    Maradona In Intensive Care!!

    I hope he gets well soon :frown:
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    (¯`·.¸(¯`·.¸ 10.000 ¸.·´¯)¸.·´¯)

    Congratulations dear :thumb: thanx
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    numbers & players

    Do I have to repeat the same sentence :rolleyes: Believe me … We *Sami’s fans* don’t care :angel: It’s up to you guys :LOL: