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    Alex Sandro

    Best game all season you can look all you want.
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    Maurizio Sarri

    The first warning sign came in the prematch warm-up at the Groupama stadium in Lyon, France. Leonardo Bonucci did not like what he was seeing. The intensity he expects, particularly on a Champions League night, was missing from Juventus' backups. To his mind, they were too casual, and he didn't...
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    Douglas Costa

    Whats so funny. They are all on the chopping block except Bonnuci from that list we need a complete over haul for a good 60-70%
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    Douglas Costa

    Cuadrado yes Berna possible Rugani depends on who we can bring in De Sciglio depends as well. Bonnuci no
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    Douglas Costa

    I'd bring in Halland Pogba Tonali Orsolini And a few others depending on youth and wages
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    Douglas Costa

    Not many honestly. I'd sell Sandro Khedira Matuidi Costa Rabiot Pjanic Higuain Danilo
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    Blaise Matuidi

    So what he runs and then he causes mistakes all over the field. His running doesn't excuse his sloppy play
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    Blaise Matuidi

    f matuidi overrated mess of a player who runs around like a headless chicken with no technical skill whatsoever
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    I would sell every player there except possibly, Ramsey. I would also sell Sandro, Cuadrado and matuidi
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    Aaron Ramsey

    needs to start and play as often as possible, brings energy and runs into the box that otherwise is nonexistent from the "midfield"
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    Pavel Nedved

    a big part of the reason Allegri isn't here so for me he can fuck off
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    Juan Cuadrado

    Heart does nothing when he is garbage. This man should not be starting at sassuolo let alone Juventus
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    Alex Sandro

    he is nowhere near as good as some on here make him and honestly has cost us at least 7 goals this season. My coHost had an episode where he pointed this out and listed some of these goals minute by minute. would be better as a mezzalla then a defender
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    I couldn't agree more. If they just would have given him the players maybe we wouldn't be in this mess we are in
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    Douglas Costa

    sell, injured more than available