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    Replacement for captain?

    thanx for the info;) i just thought that the longest serving players should be handed the captaincy, in this case conte/ferrara.
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    Replacement for captain?

    do u mean tacchi is official vice-captain to del piero or to conte?
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    Replacement for captain?

    conte and his vice-captain: ferrara.
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    Juventus - Empoli

    camoranesi will miss this match. do u guys prefer a zambrotta/pessotto combination (as right midfielder-leftback) or a zenoni/zambrotta combination?
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    Michael Jackson

    michael transformed himself from a black person into a white one and then sang 'it doesn't matter if ur black or white' in one of his famous songs!! i've also heard bad bad stories about him that id rather not mention in this respectable place!
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    Man Utd-juventus

    honestly, i haven't seen beckham play much since im not a big fan of the premier league, but i have noticed the following everytime i watched him play: he is one of the worst tacklers i have ever seen! he hardly gets past an opposing player without the help of a teammate (the famous 1-2 pass)...
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    Round 2

    not a bad idea! andrea has a 100% scoring record from penalties, and we all know how much refs love milan this season:rolleyes: anyway, he also curls freekicks neatly.
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    Week 16

    1. Juventus - Empoli (3:0) 2. Perugia - Milan (1:1) 3. Bologna - Atalanta (1:1) 4. Brescia - Chievo (1:1) 5. Man Utd - Man City (2:1) 6. Newcastle - Arsenal (1:1) 7. Auxerre - Nantes (1:1) 8. Ajax - Feyenoord (1:1) 9. B. Munich - SV Hamburg (2:0) 10. Barcelona - Athletic de Bilbao (1:1)
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    Round 2

    trezeguet, 5 c. vieri, 4 di vaio, 3 adriano, 2 nakamura, 1
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    Del Piero's injury

    that's exactly what i was trying to say in the man utd-juve thread. anyway, once di vaio clicks i think he will never stop scoring.
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    Juventus - Empoli

    why play zenoni? is thuram injured or missing the match too:scared: anyway, i think we would get the 3 points. i can imagine empoli playing hard defence (catenaccio), but still we should be able to crack them. my wish would be that milan and/or inter drop some points in the weekend.
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    International friendly: Italy v Portugal

    baggio deserves a shot in the national team for what he is doing with brescia and what he has already done for the national team in the past. but, looking at the situation here were trap should be concentrating on the euro qualifiers and beyond that (if he stays), i think he will give miccoli a...
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    La Liga

    thanks for selecting kova :kiss:
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    Between the sticks

    buffon is the italian gk that let in the least number of goals in serie a until now.
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    Man Utd-juventus

    thank you majed:) i also did some reserach from the statistics from uefa, check this: champions league: Del Piero, Goals Scored = 4, Minutes Played = 598', Goals Ratio = 0.67/match. Di Vaio, Goals Scored = 4, Minutes Played = 401', Goals Ratio = 1/match. im not trying to say that...