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    Adrien Rabiot

    He didn't play under Allegri yet. I'm confident he will do great.
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    Serie A 2020-21

    OMG. Conte left. Roma, Lazio and Napoli appointed washed up coaches. And now this shit-show with Gattuso. :lol: The fun has just started. New season will be legendary with Allegri bringing back Scudetto of course.
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    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    Scored two goals. Can't wait for Sass director to come out now and say he will only sell for 100 million, lul.
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    Adrien Rabiot

    People expecting miracles and supersonic game in attack from every midfielder, when some of them might have been tasked with something completely different from the coach. Tuz. :touched:
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    Luca Pellegrini

    Il nuovo Molinaro.
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    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    What? :lol: We are one of the indirect founders of UEFA and CL. There would be no CL as it is without Juve, Barca, Real... And you are informing us that we will be part of the Champions League, when we rightfully earned our place trough the Serie A anyway. :lol: Fuck you Cheferin and fuck you...
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    Gianluigi Buffon

    Too good to play for Parma. He proved that he can still be a starter at Juventus, even at 43.
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    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    True. Even Fagioli, who played like few minutes last season, made a ballsy and accurate long pass. Kid is like 20.
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    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    Il nuovo Tacchinardi.
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    Summer mercato 2021-22

    If true, this sounds like we're thinking about making big investment in midfield. Finally.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    This guy is gone I'm afraid and it will be extremely hard to sign a player that can score 30+ goals a season. But who knows, with right investment in midfield and attack we don't need one player to dominate Spread the goals and responsibility. Chiesa, Kulu, Morata, Dybala, Cuad, new signing...
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    Summer mercato 2021-22

    Sogno possibile. :touched:
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    Memphis Depay - ST - Lyon

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    The Super League

    Big fuck you goes to Ceferin and his mafia friends.
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    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    The lack of trust in youngsters is killing us. We wanted Locatelli long time ago when cost was probably like 7-8 million. We could have brought in Verratti for just 3,5 million when he was at Pescara. Now if we give out Rovella or Fagioli for peanuts then we just continue with the same policy...