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    Daniele Rugani

    UEFA is bullshit, how can they allow to play matches in this conditions and the same goes for FIGC. Letting players play on Sunday was a stupid decision, but ofc it was a gov. who should ban all the events in the first place. I dont understand how can u lock all the ppl in the city, but let the...
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    Emre Can

    Well was it a straight red? then its bullshit, he could get two yellows tho - one for the foul (dont know the context, but wasnt it tactical foul?) and one for the pushing he did after. Football is becoming too soft, there was no rage or agression in his movement, straight red is bullshit.
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    Adrien Rabiot

    Another overreaction, he was starting to play good for us, had one bad game when almost every player looked garbage. No reason to write him off just yet.
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    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 FC Inda Wuhan [March 8th, 2020]

    We also won most of the so called second balls, thanks to the mobility of the midfield. More and more it seems to me that Pjanic was our real issue, hopefully its just a dip in form for him, but he shouldnt start ahead of Benta in current form. Seriously this guy is reall growing for us, has...
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    João Cancelo

    YEah, in the interview with Polish journo said that he has to constantly scream at Cancelo, remind him to keep his position and not get hot headed etc. It was said in the positive way, but when u look at it now, it shouldnt really happen with proffesional player.
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    João Cancelo

    Well if u have fullback that u need to constatly remind to keep focus during the match (this is how Szczesny described Cancelo) then there is a problem in your defence. He would work for Inter as wing back though, would be scary for them, but not sure if he could work with Conte.
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    Miralem Pjanić

    There is no point in starting him atm, he doesnt give u anything in defense and is nit creative at all. Dunno if he is out of, form or he has other proeblem but just bench him. Btw there was a rumour that he didnt want to play in Coppa vs Milan but Sarri forced him, add to this what Sarri on...
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    Maurizio Sarri

    Dont u guys think his words are actually directed at Pjanic? He subbes him early and we started playing better once he was off.
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    Alex Sandro

    Well, he is used in every game - in Coppa, Seria and CL, when was the last time he could rest? This guy is overused, you could clearly see he is tired as fuck yesterday.
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    Aaron Ramsey

    we need more runners like him in midfield, too many static players.
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    Paulo Dybala

    he had one chance, misses like this happen for every player. The real problem is behing him, in the midfield, when midfield started playing he was looking good too.
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    What did he do? I thought the guy who was responsible for the goal was Benta?
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    Champions League 2019/20

    Yeah, still looked better than any of our mids bar Benta.
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    Champions League 2019/20

    we will see, Atletu has all the tools to stop them, they were always cryptonite for a teams like this, even though they are of course not in the best form atm.
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    Champions League 2019/20

    Can looking quite good so far for Dortmund.