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    Serie A 2019/20

    Eriksen is world class CM, cant believe he is going to Inter for 20m at his prime. That a steal by Marotta, a real big steal.
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    Merih Demiral

    yeah, also all these little controversies, overreacting when fouled, he really is mini Chielini.
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    Champions League 2019/20

    agree, but lets not compare this teams - Lyon lost to Benfica and Zenit in group stages. Ajax destroyed Real before playing us. But yeah this Juve usually plays better when the opposition team is better.
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    Merih Demiral

    Feeled much more comfortable than De Ligt in any game so far, hate to say it but its true.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    u guys are taking it too seriously, doubt he wanted to have a shot at Ronaldo. VVD looks to me like a guy who has this type of humour and thats all. Dunno why we should all defend Ronaldo now... and tbf what he said was completely true - Ronaldo wasnt a rival for Ballon this year.
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    Winter mercato thread 2020

    would be sweet, but Matuidi stays so..
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    He seems to be a different player this time, not the Higuain we used to know. I remember that on his first Juve period I was always angry at him that he couldnt play with his back to the goal (like Lewa for example), couldnt keep the ball and make the play. Right now he has, but yeah he lacks...
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    [CL] Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 JUVENTUS [November 6th, 2019]

    wow what a perfomance from Pjanic and Rugani they were uttershit, cant decide who was worst.
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    wtf is with Pjanic also? he looks so shit ....
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    Daniele Rugani

    DISASTER of a defender
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    He started really poorly, but it has to be said that he had few nice shoots and passes in the second half, unlucky not to score or at least get an assist. the problem is that we all expect much more from him, so he is getting bashed for a perfomance like this.
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    Daniele Rugani

    he was so shaky its unbelievable. Would keep him only if he was HG for us, but since he isnt, we need to sell.
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    Its just unlucky, how can u blame him for such a random handball. Could happen to anyone anytime.
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    Rodrigo Bentancur

    Its probably experience, he Has qualities but often makes wrong choices
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow [October 22nd, 2019]

    working one