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    anyone here still play CM01/02?

    it's weird how real madrid NEVER wins the CL in the game
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    The Deco story again!

    on deco: he played awful last night in my opinion
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    Roma Fan

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    Roma Fan

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    oh ok...i replied btw :)
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    eerr? = :confused: thx :cool: yours is nice too :cool: who is it?
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    you like it? :excited:
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    Ones to look out for

    :D nevermind Alieksandre Hleb from Stuttgart..great talent
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    and leave me alone..essh
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    why asking me why he's gone?! ask him!
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    what have i done with him? :confused:
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    11 days to D-day: EC QUAL Group 2 - Bosnia&Herzegovina - Denmark

    how bout just changing it too Countdown to D-day: EC QUAL Group 2 - Bosnia&Herzegovina - Denmark
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    This one is for Nedved's father...

    he's captain material :touched: :thumb:
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    The "It's times like these" Game

    i think you made a seriously big typo there Fliakis :D
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    thank god nobody calls aimar Aimary