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  1. best striking pair juventus ever had

    vialli-ravanelli-del piero
  2. juve

    i think you are big stupid cassano great player and with our player we will in everything
  3. juve

    cassano great player if juve has cassano 23years old we will win for ten years in championship and calcio this year we have great team we have buffon best goalkeeper in the world and have cannavaro ,thuram ,zambrotta .zebina .vieiera ,emerson ,camonarenasi ,nedved ,zlatan ,trezegoal with great...
  4. The Del Piero Issue

    del piero he had a great player but now he does not play good juve must sale him and look we allow to big player to transfer> zidane , baggio and a lot of best player in the worldso why juve does not agree to del piero to transfer to another club and buy good playet such as cassano or...
  5. new member

    what habben to you i want to know to you that is all
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    what happen to you sid
  7. new member

    i thank there some bad player in juventus such as blasi , tacchinardi >appiah< pessoto moggi must buy big player such rosisky cassano gilardinho i think the best team for juve is buffon zebina thuram cannavaro blasi amerson comnernasi zambrotta...
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    thanks for all
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    hellow my friend iam ahmed ali i am from saudi arabia i like juventus we have great time but we want big player such as gilardinho cassano brazgelli