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  1. Mario Mandžukić

    I think we shouldn't be treating him like shit. He did some wonderful things for the club and deserves better. However the treatment seems harsh and tells me there is more behind the scenes. He may have agreed to leave in the summer when we extended high contract and high salary. Maybe that's...
  2. Adrien Rabiot

    Agreed. If you watch highlights rabiot when fully fit and in form he is very capable of doing this and being vital for our midfield. Wr all know pjanic with bentabcur and a fit and in form rabiot is our best trio midfield iption but does it have enough bite if we are playing a trident of Dybala...
  3. Tactics and Formations

    Woj Cuadrado demiral de ligt sandro Bentancur Pjanic Rabiot Dybala Ronaldo Higuain We can't rely on Costa or Ramsey...if available they are a bonus and can cover several positions. No more headless chickens like matuidi. We need rabiot to start playing. In form he adds a lot to this midfield...
  4. Adrien Rabiot

    Second half of the season isn't far away....he will need to start getting more game time quickly if he is to be in that midfield trio..which I would also like to see.
  5. Federico Bernardeschi

    All valid points. Rabiot is another Indont understand. I really thought he'd join and make a difference in midfield. If he is just plan lazy then give Bernie his role.
  6. Merih Demiral

    We all want that but we don't have it based on our midfield not being good enough. We concede more under Sarri than we did under Allegri. Right now we need a defender who is fast strong can tackle and boss forwards around. He fits the bill. The question is whether bonucci or de ligt makes way...
  7. Merih Demiral

    Can't wait that long...need some.mean mothers in this team and he is one. We have too many weak pussies.
  8. Federico Bernardeschi

    Has me brain fucked. Seriously was not this shit when he first joined. Was not tjis shit at fiorentina. The more shit he gets the more playing time he gets. He isn't a CAM. He isn't a right winger. Wtf is he? Try him in every position until he plays Half least it solves the mystery...
  9. Merih Demiral

    Has to start. De ligt and demiral will rape forwards for years.
  10. Adrien Rabiot

    Not sure why he would leave psg join us then be a lazy cunt though. Doesnt make sense..
  11. Adrien Rabiot

    He just wreaks of not having enough games under his belt over the last few seasons. We know he is better than he is showing. I just don't understand why he looks so underdone in terms of fitness. I still don't knkw how to best utilise him in that midfield. Definitely not a CAM but doesnt...
  12. Paulo Dybala

    Still don't get the whole kean transfer...such a poor move and club for him. Kean had a role in this team. Back to dybala whether he scoring or not he is making things happen. we play enough games to rotate upfront...maybe we are better to continue this...dybala higuain amd ronaldo are all...
  13. Mario Mandžukić

    We could do with his heart in some of these lucklustre performances. But lets face it ronaldo Dybala and Higuain are all better than him. Hope he leaves and earns 50 million in those rich shit countries.
  14. Federico Bernardeschi

    Interestingly enough Sarri said earlier on in the season that he sees bernadeschi being more of a b2b midfielder...hasn't been able to trial him in that role yet.
  15. Matthijs de Ligt

    Fuck we complain a lot. If barca bought de Ligt we would be bitching that we don't spend on young talent. News flash...a 20 yr old joined the club and had 2 mins to implement himself into the line up. At least bonucci had barzagli and Chiellini. Pogba had pirlo Marchisio and ligt...