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  1. Sandro Tonali - DM - Brescia

    Please explain. I'd happily take tonali for the deal that has apparently been accepted from inter. We need more than one more midfield acquisition.
  2. Fabio Paratici

    AA won't fire himself mate.
  3. Fabio Paratici

    He is gone...AA can't get rid of only half the problem.
  4. Fabio Paratici

    Sarri wasn't the complete problem...the squad has gaps all over the place and that is the fault of paratici. So paratici is correct on what he says. Keep in mind conte and allegri were also missing the players they needed.
  5. Andrea Pirlo

    I don't know what to make of this. A living legend for club and country. One of the best midfielders and players of his generation. But as a coach his CV is blank. Has AA given up on trying to win the CL? For me giving pirlo the role means he is looking for a longer term. Pirlo's midfield...
  6. Maurizio Sarri

    Agree...if anything we do have the players to play a back 3. Demiral and de ligt flanking bonucci wouldnt be too shabby. It may actually see bonucci play better as did in previous seasons with chiellini and barzagli.
  7. Maurizio Sarri

    Agreed. Although I think rabiot will be a very good player for us next season with more training etc...
  8. Fabio Paratici

    Yes fabio wanted Simone inzaghi while all the others wanted sarri...whilst I like inzaghi for what he has done at lazio but the question is whether he would have done that much greater than sarri and would have got us further in the CL? We are juventus...we have managed to bring in players like...
  9. Maurizio Sarri

    Not wrong...midfield has been ignored for years. Khedira matuidi ramsey...not good enough. Pjanic at the time of purchase was very good under allegri but has since declined. But sarri still had a good enough team to dominate serie A,win the coppa italia and make it past the last 16.
  10. Maurizio Sarri

    I agree qnd was never expecting to win the CL but to not make it past the last 16? Come on... I don't think any Italian manager is going to come in and win us the CL. None are at the level of lotti or lippi ever were.
  11. Maurizio Sarri

    Bingo! Allegri unlucky to face two of the best in barca and real in CL finals. We needed a fresh start again..sarri has failed in comparison. I was a fan of sarri at the time but not now.
  12. Maurizio Sarri

    Weird season due to covid so need to take that into account. Nonetheless finding loop holes to make statements like the above is just shit. The CL isn't the domestic league..just a shit comment to make. Winning the league by 1 point with what is a far superior team than any other in serie A is...
  13. Nicolò Zaniolo - AM - Roma

    Would need an upgrade at RB and Sandro better get back to what he was previously.
  14. Nicolò Zaniolo - AM - Roma

    So kulu becomes that third midfielder with bentancur and rabiot?
  15. Nicolò Zaniolo - AM - Roma

    Still remember the uproar when we gave him away. Can't see zaniolo and kulu playing at the same time with CR and Dybala on the field.