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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    :lol: hes offended that he couldnt beat a team that came back from Serie B. Thats what happens mancini when you come in to the game over confident. :D
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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    Probably pissed he couldnt score anything against us. It was obvious how much he just hated that pitch and wanted headlines saying "Zlatan crushes down his ex team" Im quite happy he didnt get his chance to score.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    hey guys what stream do u recommend?
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    Deschamps Demands Penalty Reduction

    Didnt juventus go back for the last appeal and will find out by the end of the month what will happen with juventus?
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    Treviso - Juventus: 0-1

    Nice touch by Zanetti on the goal It was a really important match for them, and wow buffon was truly amazing! i salute him!
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    #Classy Art#

    Actually I was going to but things got complicated and i had to submit before the end of sept i think, something like that..anyways they needed appilcants over 18 on the day of regestering, which i wasnt! *sighs* I guess its okay im hoping there will be more competitions like that! seriously...
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    Donadoni's Replacement?

    well, i dont think hes all that bad he just go on the wrong foot and besides hes got some points and wins so why not :P
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    Ricardo olivera's sister kidnapped.

    Is there any new news on the kidnapping? cos i havent seen any updates. its really sad to see such things happning in the world
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    The Fray - little house
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    [Serie B] Treviso -Juventus (16/10/2006)

    Dont worry Al jazeera is deff going to air the match it is schdueld on this site i usually check like u said its on a monday so its deff something they would air. Here are the channels that i know will air the match TV Sport RO Sky Calcio Aljazeera Sport +1
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    Which Player's Exit Was Most Dissappointing?

    I think the most disappointing is zambrotta after all these years of transforming into a high class player thanks to juventus he abdons us when in need Traiotor although it would be nice to seem him back id rather they shut the door on his face and let him Rot Moggi is another person which...
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    #Classy Art#

    Thanks alot :) Well, I havent really heard of any comittie in the uae that actually does that, not to my knwodlge that is. *shrugs*
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    Lippi: "It was the right thing to give scudetto to Inter"

    No one desrves the cup more than juventus! although looking at it from lippis view, the only team that was excluded was inter, or maybe hes trying to get a deal with inter *shrugs*
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    i havent seen him play recently but during his time with gala and inter milan he was pretty good, as for inter trash..everyone who goes to inter become trash if u ask me:P Although does juventus need him right now?