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    Quote Originally Posted by zizinho View Post
    Allegri would be the jackpot, Rodgers would be worse that Wenger. Jardim, Low, Enrique seem like realistic choices, Low depending on what he does at the WC
    Ya, Low is the biggest risk imo because its not obvious how he'll fare in club football. I agree about Allegri, because you have to take into consideration that we still won't be spending as much as the Manchester clubs in transfers and more importantly in wages, so you need someone who has a track record of doing well at the top level with relatively fewer resources. IMO that is what Allegri has been doing in Europe with Juve, in terms of resources he is well below the Spanish clubs, Bayern and the English clubs, but he still has managed to be competitive. That is why I think Allegri would be perfect for us. Simeone too for that matter.
    Quote Originally Posted by DAiDEViL View Post
    Tuchel still in the race it seems. Thought he was off to PSG.

    Would be ideal for you guys imo. @Fred
    You think? I obviously don't know him as much as you do, I've watched his team play in the two seasons he coached Dortmund, but thats it. The one thing that might be an obstacle is his relationship with Sven Msilintat, who is now a big player in Arsenal's management.
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