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I don't even care about this moron. This forum has taken a nosedive this season. It's like selling Pogba completely broke certain members and turned them into the most pathetic whiny bitches imaginable.

And then they go on and on about how we are stifling discussion and criticism as though they are providing intelligent, rational, constructive critiques meant to foster engaging discussion, instead of the repetitive, cringeworthy, crying over every little thing Juve-related.

It's like they never learn. Last season, at Christmas: our mercato was utter disaster, Allegri should have been fired in by Christmas, Pogba was playing like utter $#@! and we should have sold him because no one would even pay 50mil for him at this point. We're not even top of the table in Serie A. Our cycle of dominance in Serie A is over. And so on.

The season before... By Christmas: we bought no one, we lost Conte, we hired the worst coach in history in Allegri. Vidal sucks balls now, and we should have sold him to ManU while he was still worth something. We are the most embarrassing club in Europe, an utter embarrassment in CL, we only use pussy tactics, we had to sc$#@! a 0-0 home draw against Atletico to even get to knockouts. We lost to pathetic Napoli in SuperCoppa!

But this season. 17 rounds in, with a 7 point advantage in Serie A (our extra game is against Crotone), we have 42 points in Serie A, our highest total at this point in a season under Allegri (Conte only had more once), we topped our CL group by 3 points, had a +9 goal differential, and only allowed 2 goals in 6 matches.

Apparently though, this is utter $#@!, every decent team makes us their bitch, Allegri plays pathetic pussy tactics, Marotta only buys $#@! players for over-priced fees and sells all our best players for peanuts, Pjanic should be sold next summer for sure because he is a "net negative" on the pitch , Khedira should be sold, Alves sucked for us before his injury, Mandzu should be sold to China if any decent offer arrives, Allegri is destroying Dybala, etc etc etc.

Oh well. That's why I have no time for this place. Our forum reads like an Inter forum. It's pathetic and it's not even fun anymore.

You need some good weed to relax, bro. That's all I'll say. I'm sure @Fr3sh can provide.

And stop bitching about people bitching, you bitch!

Here's a song for you: