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    Our biggest issue going into the 2nd half of the season imo is that 3rd midfielder

    Wish somehow either Marchisio recovers his old form and stays fit or Bentancur somehow explodes

    The only reason Allegri keeps picking Khedira is for his physicality. I saw someone post the other day that Khedira is great at making vertical runs... I'm sorry he's even struggling to control the ball properly at times and his running style is almost reminding me of Amauri. I still remember when Amauri used to run like a wounded guy on the pitch. Gave a slow motion feel to it just like Khedira.
    By Feb end, if Khedira still a starter for us, then we are in huge trouble.

    I'm still in favor of this 4-3-3 and hope we continue using this formation.

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    Allegri's work over the years has indicated to trust him and be patient which is always unlikely here.

    The man has almost now solved the defensive issues the team's had since the start of the season and is now working on the physical aspect (dropping Dybala vs Inter is the main reason and indicator) that he's not happy with few of our player's physical fitness, Nedved has also said yesterday that Dybala and some other players should sacrifice themselves and think of only football if they want to achieve and become great which shows support to Allegri's plan towards the players.

    Allegri has also requested as per his post game comments to control the ball better, know when to rush things and when to keep the possession and the team looks like it's been improving on that.

    Rotation will continue until Allegri sees the best 11's fitness is at top, until then I am with whatever he decides honestly.
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    For 3 years I have wondered why my friends kept calling Allegri for Augustus. I couldn't sleep at nights thinking about it. I've been sitting at my desk for hours every week trying to figure it out, coming up with calculations and formulas that weren't correct. Then it hit me, the answer was right in front me all time but I didn't notice it. Augustus was the greatest emperor of the Roman Empire, owning almost all of europe. People loved him. People feared him. It's the same with Allegri, although we know him better as Euromaxx. Allegri, greatest coach in the world at the moment, people love him. People fear him. We need to understand that. Allegri 4 life

    And why my female friend keep calling Allegri for Peter North I dont need to figure out.

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