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    Quote Originally Posted by Fr3sh View Post
    Always preffered him over the ugly gnome.
    "Imagine what Lou Reed could have achieved if he'd spent his twenties on Twitter."
    -- Peter Kaplan, former editor-in-chief of The New York Observer, on Twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAiDEViL View Post
    Gonna rip off Müller's head, put it on a stick and use it to smash in Messi's Gollum face.
    You're $#@!ed
    Quote Originally Posted by IliveForJuve View Post
    Messi of course. It's not like someone is gonna miss his tiny $#@!.
    I'm surprised you didn't take the indio bait

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    Quote Originally Posted by swag View Post
    Yeah man, $#@! Messi
    Zacheryah was here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fr3sh View Post
    You can kill only one of these three. Ronaldo, Messi or Indio Suarez?
    I'd kill Messi.

    Given his midlife crisis shooting Messi seems like an act of kindness really.
    Donnie Azoff: I check my messages every day when I come home from work... my answering machine... zero! I got a blinkling light because I don't have shit from you. I got my wife... I got my wife checking the messages every forty-five minutes calling the office saying. "Has Brad apologized yet? Is there an apology message on the machine?" I don't have jack-shit. You know what? That's not how you treat people.

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