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Thread: Antonio Conte

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bianconero_Aus View Post
    It was easier for us to make leaps in quality when you see the utter $#@! he inherited from Secco to start with He done an amazing job shedding the club of the bidoni and lowering the average age of the squad, and signing some great free agents (Pirlo) and upcoming future superstars (Vidal).

    It’s a real cliche, but it’s hard to improve this Juventus squad. Maybe only in the RB and CM areas, but everywhere else we are rock solid and loaded with quality.
    well the things he did at his first few years were not easy either, yet he did them, I didn't think it'd be possible for him to outperform Moggi, but in a way he did. I'm just saying the last few windows have always felt unfinished and not quite as miraculous. still very good though, I wouldn't trade Beppe for anyone else
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    His abrasive personality really starts to wear down on his teams after a season or two. I think he stayed at Juve for 3 years cause we supported him through his match fixing trial, otherwise he'd leave after just a couple of seasons.

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