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    Quote Originally Posted by Quetzalcoatl View Post
    If he is just going to sit in the locker room and cheer on the team, then yes, I can see the money men in management saying that's it's a waste of funds that can be used elsewhere. Obviously I think there's value to him just being part of the team even if he's not playing.

    You're asking me to do too much homework figuring out what homegrown players we can replace him with Maybe some random 3rd goalkeeper or something.

    Why would Max want him out? Because of the possible tension there could be of having a player there that you know knows you have no intention of using him. It's awkward and uncomfortable. He might feel like he has to play him at some point even if he doesn't want to.

    If Claudio wants to leave, why is he saying the opposite in public? The fans won't turn against him, knowing his situation. And he surely won't want the fans to blame the club.
    im not saying he wants to leave. im saying he wants to stay but wants to play. but im also saying we cant guarantee him that, so he had to make a tough decision between staying and not playing, and leaving but playing. its not an easy call, even he can have doubts whether its the right one, after he decides
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    If we sell our one and only true regista smh.

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    Look, Claudio's best days are behind him. Also he's completely useless in a 2 man midfield. But it's not a WC or Euro year so he doesn't need to be playing regularly for the National team so if he likes his lifestyle in Turin and is happy to be a squad player then let him stay. His sale isn't going to help us financially when you look at what they type of players we look at command both in terms of transfer fee and wages and his presence keeps the natives happy.

    Also there's the little bit of flexibility and maturity he provides, just in case we need it.

    Also I'd be sad to see roby go


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    mah gawd...

    she gets better and better with the years

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