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Conversation Between Ocelot and piotrr

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  1. Your's definitely better i believe. After highschool i don't use it almost at all.
  2. Yeah that was it mostly
  3. Probably because it'd be hard to explain your friends that you're meeting with this guy from an internet forum...
  4. Yeah about a year ago or something Best (cheapest) place we found there

    Thought about writing you tbh, don't really know why I didn't
  5. You were in Warsaw? How do you know pawilony?

    (pawilonach* btw )
  6. Yep, Zach's comment Go ahead, or should i do it?
  7. Thought about posting it myself in the Lapo thread

  8. Do you have this copypaste that's a perfect reply to 'you can't make this up'/'script this' somewhere?
  9. Commentator was saying that finishing in our game suits this series :

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