Conversation Between Quetzalcoatl and Fr3sh

Conversation Between Quetzalcoatl and Fr3sh

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  1. I know but you cross the line
  2. u kno i love chiello
    im trying to rile him up
  3. I know
    I like troll
  4. He's a troll

  5. You're horrible

  6. I got u
  7. I'll make it up to Canada one of these days. Better have some good shit for me and I'll let my tolerance buildup for about a week to get super fucked.
  8. You're gonna have to make a trip to Canada or Netherlands sometime

    There are a lot of people that are into growing a bazillion strains
  9. Wow... all that sounds exquisite as fuck I can't even distinguish between indica and sativa. I smoke the same shit all the time. We call it Colombian, but God alone knows where it really comes from
  10. Girl Scout Cookies is most definitely one of my favorites. Taste like sweets, specially when rolled in a flavored blunt

    Great White Shark is great too, so is Lamb's Breath. I love my sativa strains.

    My favorite indica has to be the deathstar shit's heavy as fuck, the tuna kush is one of my favs too, very heavy body high.

    For me sativa>>indo
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