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Conversation Between Bezzy and Jem83

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  1. Cool

    I definitely know what 'busy' feels like...

    I'm a full-time student and I have to study aloooot this semester (very demanding subjects within Law; criminal Law to name one), and I'm working (part time job). I'm also trying to create and record an EP, which is gonna happen in the summer. So I barely have any spare time at all now :\
  2. I have never understand why people like to watch epl anyway. I always fall a sleep watching epl
    Yes i remembered that story

    my life is cool i am kinda busy, working, friends etc.
    Do you work? what you doing?
  3. Ohai!

    Yep, I'm from Oslo. Yeah, well, there's Juventus Club Norge (Club Norway), who has a decent amount of members, and quite many of us like to gather at pubs sometimes to watch games. But we're not many compared to fans of Premier League-sides etc.

    What's up in your life nowadays, Bez?
  4. JEmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    how you doing and aren't you from oslo? and something with a dope juve club over their
  5. You should It's beautiful here, but it's a lot more nature (mountains, fjords, landscapes etc.) to look at the further north you get. Not as much down where I live. Which is in Oslo, to answer your question. It's a nice city, but pretty expensive So be warned!
    Yeah, I'll definitely let you know if I go to Holland, and I hope you let me know if you come over here, as well. I think you'd be a really nice person to spend time with. Going to bed now. Good night
  6. good to know, ofcourse I would have a great time .
    I have never been to Norway but my sister did last summer and said it was beautiful and I am planning to go their one day (maybe whole Scandinavia).
    if you ever in Holland (not only Amsterdam) let me know. do you live in Oslo?
  7. Hehe, you are more than welcome! I'd love for that to happen, I'm sure you'd have a great time with us!
    It's a crazy place. Normally we are like 15-20 juventini, but for the big games there can be up to 35-40 juventini. Quite good, I think, for a place like Oslo

    Have you ever been in Norway before? I have never been to the Netherlands, but I've always wanted to.
  8. everyone on tuz is talking for ever I think about a meeting. I thought maybe you are he seems just like you as a cool guy. what lame. The same I had with Trezegol he constant popping up excuses. If I am ever in Oslo I will watch juve at that bar if you don't mind
  9. Oh, right. You're talking a bout a Tuz-trip to Torino? If it's next season I'll be interested in meeting up with you guys. I better read up on that thread

    Yeah, we can talk more on the forum. Nope, I'm not a friend of the faux Melo in real life, but we get along very well here on the forums. I usually watch Juve games at a pub in Oslo with lots of juventini, and I've tried to get faux Melo to meet up with us, but he always finds an excuse
  10. Thank you. I wish their were more guys/girls coming to torino too
    Talk to you more on the forum? are you a friend of the faux melo?
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