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  1. Watched some more, some of the things they're saying are simply inaccurate

    When that Italian guy talks about social democrats for example he says that they were annihilated here in Austria. Like what? Our chancellor is social democratic and they're second in the polls, not doing that great but far from annihilated.

    Then he says that this trend (fall of SD) will come to the US next election - the US doesn't have social democrats, hasn't had for decades now. Sanders is the first one in ages I'd call social democrat (he himself does do).

    And then he says "the old fashioned social democrats, the Blair-ites are disappearing". Blair is the opposite of an old fashioned social democrat, he and Schröder meant the end for old-fashioned social democrat and the beginning of the Third Way of liberal SD.
  2. Thanks

    Bunch of neoliberals though, especially the guy on the right (Amir Sufi).
    Was interesting to see that he on the hand acknowledges that all of the recent economic shocks have fallen on the same group of people every time while not gaining really any benefit from the economic recoveries, but at the same time he also completely denies that there might be any systematic reason behind that.

    Can't help but think that he completely endorsed some of the policies responsible for the economic climate that made Trump possible.
  3. Sooo I've been listening to some podcasts lately on my way to uni, and came across this excellent series:

    Thought some of the stuff sounded really familiar, then I remembered it's the same guy whose TED talk you linked me a couple of weeks ago - here he expands a lot more on his research and findings, really impressive stuff. Don't know if you listen to podcasts and the like, but if you do I can only recommend those.
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