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Conversation Between zizinho and DAiDEViL

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  1. Well theyre both bald, maybe there is something with that

  2. Does your father look like this :

  3. ive never been there from what i remember, it looks very nice on google though.

    but im not sure my father would have preferred any other place considering how easy we had it in Rottenburg. we arrived with nothing and returned with 3 cars, 5 bicycles, bunch of electronic stuff and 100k DM in his pocket after 6 years there. the guy is a genius
  4. About 140km away from where i live (Weiden)

    Rothenburg would have been nicer than Rottenburg
  5. maybe you know him. what if he was your doctor all these years :mindblown:

    a small town called Rottenburg, its in the Landshut region i think

  6. Turns out the gipsy doctor i've been mocking you for has been bavarian all the time

    Where in Bavaria?
  7. i spent 6 years there as a kid, i know whats it like
  8. You would love it in Bavaria
  9. „Leadertyp, Vorbild an Einstellung, guter Kommunikator, Siegermentalitšt, Professionalismus“ - but not enough to be captain apparently Joachim
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