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Conversation Between zizinho and DAiDEViL

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  1. Someone dared to call him like that?

    Whoever it was, it was probably his phone autofilling and when he saw it he didn't bother to edit it - or maybe he didn't want to because he found the name cool and fitting - who knows
  2. ...pretty sure someone called Licht "Lichtschalter" today. i read it on the phone, but i can't find it anymore ffs.

    whoever it was - i'll find out, and then i'll switch off his Lichtschalter.
  3. thanks. done
  4. just conte

    no need for :
  5. AFD? - wouldn't call em political

    protest / right wing party, only dumbfucks vote for them.
  6. Hes a political person? lol what an idiot

    Der stellvertretende AfD-Vorsitzende Alexander Gauland hat mit rassistischen Äußerungen den Fußball-Nationalspieler Jerome Boateng beleidigt. "Die Leute finden ihn als Fußballspieler gut. Aber sie wollen einen Boateng nicht als Nachbarn haben"
  8. if there will be some good pics, of course
  9. no, they are great, but i like this one

    maybe you can make a new one with the real no. 10 shirt after the supercoppa
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