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Conversation Between Martin and CrimsonianKing

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  1. Oh right.
  2. Nah because it's a good song and one of the bands I'm in have been playing it.
  3. Because I tend to be right?
  4. Thought I'd share this with you

  5. oh stop it, you.
  6. Such a musician, who knew
  7. Everything.. .Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, etc... Anything that makes people dance. Then I have this other project with a Brazilian band that plays classic rock and then an acoustic one that plays everything in between.

    Happy for you, bro.
  8. Sweet, I will!

    Oh cool, you even get paid for it. What kind of music does your band play?

    Exactly, I did a lot of shaking and I'm much happier now!
  9. Of course, man, look up Emicida, he's one of the newer guys.

    Whatever you throw at me I'm a multiinstrumentist but I'm playing bass now. Got a gig later on tonight in Miami. My goal is to get 4 gigs a week, some good extra money for doing what I like.

    Sometimes you have to shake things up in life, right? new changes are good.
  10. Yeah, evidently. Is there hip hop in Brazil? It seems too laid back for that...

    Oh, cool! What instrument do you play?

    I'm great. New job, new life - feels like.
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