Conversation Between Wittl and Post Ironic

Conversation Between Wittl and Post Ironic

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  1. Can‘t deny it.
    I‘ve never met her after that, she lives in Geneva.
  2. You fell in love, right?

  3. The one in the middle
  4. You are the hero Tuz needs.
  5. You better should have given the +rep for my double positive jinxing about Bernaboy
  6. Gotta admit that within the last 2-3 years I have more fun dancing than 10 years ago.

    Fucked up Techno parties/festivals
  7. They drink mostly straight rum, except of the rich ones, they drink other stuff.

    500 young people dancing salsa in an old factory building, and on each table a bottle of rum
  8. I can enjoy the occasional Cuba Libre, Havana Cooler, Mojito, etc. Not a big fan of straight up hard stuff.
  9. Ok, deal! ..they prefer to drink rum there, you like?
  10. When you and dai and me are in Colombia, we will drink a couple bottles of Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne La Boloree. You will never go back to Prosecco.
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