Conversation Between Hustini and Dostoevsky

Conversation Between Hustini and Dostoevsky

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  1. Your days last so long. You lazy, lazy person
  2. ouch yuck!
  3. Organizational Behavior Worst shit ever. They made science out of shit, literally.

  4. What tests do you have?
  5. Yeah, my nose is fucking me and plus my throat, it just blows. I have no concentration and it sucks!

    Actually I'm waiting for my mom to come with ingredients so I can make one
  6. No prob, I figured it was just down to mis-communication.

    Good luck with your tests. I am still studying my ass off for the GMAT to get into grad school next fall, so I feel ya on the stress. Was sick 2 weeks ago with a sore throat and 103.1 temp, lost 10 pounds

    No worries, though. Have a sandwhich, you will feel better
  7. Didn't mean to bash Sorry. I'm just pissed, nervous, ill. And despite of all that I have to study for tomrrow.
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