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  1. Petkovic i dont mind. hes a cool guy and worked his way up to a top european coach

    and if you have Seferovic avatar, i dont know. can i still see the avatars of people i ignore, cuz you might be the 1st to make it to my ignore list
  2. Thinking about to dedicate my next avatar to him.

    Our coach is Bosnian too though.
  3. lol, then why:

    -show up at an award ceremony for a country you have no intention to play for
    -promise the captain and star player of said country youll play for them
    -promise to come to a meeting of said countries NT, just to not show up because you got a call up for Switzerland in the meantime?

    two faced bitch i tell ya, the worst kind
  4. Have you ever had offers to play for Bosnia, home country of your parents?
    Yes, there have been some offers. But I always knew that I want to play for switzerland. The country I grew up and the country which gave me all those opportunities. Now I wanna pay back something. And besides the Bosnians haven't act very profesional.

    What do you meen with that?
    Maybe I will talk about this after I finish my career. I decided to play for switzerland and I've never regretted this decision.

    Original interview in german:
  5. Don't know the whole story. He once said, that things didn't went well how Bosnians wanted to convince him to play for NT or something like that. And for him there hasn't ever been the question, he always wanted to play for switzerland.
    I think media is writing bullshit too.
    I don't know the whole story, so I won't judge him. He's a bit imbecile, so I wouldn't be surprised if your story's the truth...
  6. or this pic here:


    Izet Hajrovic for example didnt participate in any of these BS meetings and award ceremonies, it looked like hes a sure bet to play for Switzerland, but he plays for us now. this guy talks all love for Bosnia and all that stuff, and look at him playing for Switzerland. the irony
  7. there were talks of him wanting to play for us for a while, "some people" talking to him and he telling them he wants to play here (it was several years ago, dont remember all the details)

    then a few years later this article, just a few days before his debut for Switzerland:

    Seferovic: Ive talked to Spahic, im coming to (a meeting where young bosnian players from Europe like Kolasinac, Hajrovic brothers would hang out with the veteran NT players, the 1st step to introducing them to the NT team - not sure how many came though) Ljubljana

    "I have to check myself out from the Swiss U21 NT so i then can play for the Bosnian NT. Ofcourse i want to play for the Bosnian NT, but 1st i want to visit the team and talk to coach Susic, see what he thinks of me and if he counts on me." lol

  8. Why did they give him this award? To recruit him?
    Yeah, we can enjoy him now.

  9. this fucker comes to Sarajevo to receive an award as "best U19 Bosnian player", tells Dzeko and Spahic he will play for Bosnia, then ignores several calls and goes playing for Switzerland the 1st opportunity he had. hes the worst scum, and in hindsight, epitome of mediocrity, so i dont care that he doesent play for us anymore (i still hate him for being a two faced bitch). you guys can enjoy him
  10. So angry about Seferovic?
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