Conversation Between Wittl and Quetzalcoatl

Conversation Between Wittl and Quetzalcoatl

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  1. I'll see if I get some booty pics for you
  2. Ok, your emoboy is on the bench. Now nothing will keep you away from gym. Have fun, hope it'll be worth it.
  3. Real life booty >>> internet booty

    And don't believe the lies and propaganda. I ain't no Berna fanboy. Yet

    But really though, I'll miss half the game due to work anyway. A Coppa match isn't important enough to rush home for. I've got used to missing them throughtout the years

  4. But your boi will start.

    And you can watch eye candy in yoga pants in Batcave-thread.
  5. No joke.

    Gym = gains + eye candy in yoga pants
    Ata-Juve = coppa Italia, boring football, Higuain & Khedira, no Rugani

    Obvious choice imo. I'll just read about the match after and enjoy the bitching in Allegri and the players' threads
  6. Still hoping you've made a joke with going to gym instead.

  7. Yeah, but it's only 3 days

  8. ..hope everything's okay with him.
  9. Nah, just playing
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