Conversation Between Fr3sh and Post Ironic

Conversation Between Fr3sh and Post Ironic

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  1. Your horrible person. Hope you have pooping n peeing problems 4 life
  2. I hope you get banned from Mandzu thread next.

  3. By the way. for Albatross. Watching them fly is pretty incredible. So is watching Bald Eagles here on the coast.

    But Orcas shit all over your favourite animals bro.

  4. I know you can't resist these booties...

  5. I wish I could swim with Orcas. They are fucking beautiful mammals. If I get reincarnated as animal, I want to come back as Orca. Apex predator of the ocean, and super intelligent. Unlike dumb as a post sharks. We have no scary sharks here. Some big-ass octopi, and wolf eels, and giant sea lions. But no real man-eaters.

    Bro. Hard liquor is death. I can't touch the stuff anymore. It's all about red wine and sparkling wine for me.
  6. What about the sharks and the killer whales and the leeches and all the other things that bite

    Enjoy yourself!! I'm waiting on my ride, got my oz of herb in my pocket, gonna pick up a 24pck and a bottle of either Kraken, Ungava Gin or something, always super indecisive with hard liquor, either it's all getting pissed out today
  7. That movie is pure sex.

    I'm going for a midnight swim in the icy ocean tonight. Soak in the wood-fired salt water hot tub afterwards to warm up, bottle of wine in hand.
  8. That's the plan habibi

    I love that movie is one of my all time favs
  9. Happy New Years, you warrior, you. Try not to get yourself killed by crazy bitches or jealous husbands tonight.

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