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03.07.2015, 01:47

Date of birth 19 August 1997
Place of birth Białystok, Poland
Height 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Playing position Goalkeeper

Bartłomiej Drągowski (born 19 August 1997 in Bialystok) is a Polish goalkeeper who plays for Jagiellonia Bialystok. Already in the 2012/13 season he was part of the first team but he made his Ekstraklasa debut on 27 May 2014 against Korona Kielce. Actually he is first goalkeeper of Jagiellonia Bialystok. He has represented Poland from U15 to U20 levels. He has reached the Elite Round of the 2013/14 UEFA U17 Championship playing five matches and will be the first goalkeeper of Poland who will participate at the Elite Round of the 2014/15 UEFA U19 Championship. He is one of the most promising Polish talents and is considered the next Jerzy Dudek. Noted for his great positioning and reflexes. He is a target of several European clubs like Real Madrid, Benfica, Chelsea and Juventus.

Key attributes:
Athletical: Strenght, Reflexes, Reactivity
Technical: Positioning, Deflect technique, Low dives, High dives, Handling
Tactical: Distribution
Mental: Personality, Command of the area, Concentration, Bravery, Maturity
Defensive: Anticipations

Talents Hunter (http://talentshunter.net/2015/04/04/bartlomiej-dragowski/) Evaluation: 90/100


2014/15 Ekstraklasa awards:

Goalkeeper of the Season
Discovery of the Season

There were some rumours not so long ago that we're interested. Some of them even stated that we have a deal - 4m euro and guy stays in Poland for one more year. Nothing confirmed though.

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Mental: Bravery


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How long before he ends up dying of mediocrity at Arsenal?

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Did he play yesterday? I was watching the game but cant rememb him.

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Did he play yesterday? I was watching the game but cant rememb him.

Yes, i read that he made a few crucial saves. Here (click) (http://sport.interia.pl/raport-liga-europejska/news-hankook-oficjalny-sponsor-ligi-europejskiej-nid-1710436/news-kruoja-pokroje-jagiellonia-bialystok-0-1-w-el-lidze-europejs,nId,1845912) he has the highest rating, alongside the goalscorer.

Overall, he's very highly rated in Poland. I can't say much about him though, cause i watch like 1 game of polish league/season. :D

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He eats for breakfast Leali.

20.06.2016, 00:33
Close to Fiorentina, 4m eur.