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As inspired from Jay's Turning Japanese thread, this is a thread highlight some the top prospects from the U.S of A playing in the MLS, Lower Leagues or in Mexico in Liga MX (As we have some US youth players who are duel national with Mexico). Especially now a days with European clubs interest in American players in hope of finding one with skills to compete for the first team and rake in dosh from sweet merch. I'll start off with three of my favorite prospects and update it as it goes along


Name: Tommy Thompson
Age: 19
Position: Second Striker (AM,AML,AMR)
Club: San Jose (MLS)

The first that stands out about Tommy is his first touch and flair. One of the few in MLS (and in the USMNT pool) who has such control of the ball and can play against higher level opponents without looking out of place. He just recently came back from the U-20 World Cup and although played a bit part, is expected to start cementing a first team spot on San Jose. His decision making needs a bit of improvement but at 19, it is impressive. Once that all said and done, Europe would come calling.


Name: Haji Wright
Position: Striker/Forward
Club: NY Cosmos (NASL)

This kid is getting hype up and for good reason. Haji is the rare mix of technique, size, and flair and standing at 6'4 but playing as if he's 6 inches shorter makes one of the more interesting prospect in American Soccer. He had trial tests at Schalke but the club chose not to sign him. Left the LA Galaxy Academy on a controversial note for the NY Cosmos in the NASL. Supposedly biding his time while playing for the Cosmos for a European move abroad. He'll also be playing at U-17 World Cup in Chile with a hyped crop of american players who are at academies in Europe or in the MLS/NASL and getting first team minutes.


Name: Matt Miazga
Position: Center Back
Club: NY Red Bulls (MLS)

Tall, somewhat composed on the ball and a sound tackler, Miazga has been getting a large number of game time at NY Red Bulls due to the parent company putting all their eggs on RB Leipzig and the turmoil at the front office of the Red Bulls division in NY. With the lack of funding, Miazga has put on some impressive performances for Red Bulls and his recent performance at the U-20 World Cup has seen the likes of Stuttgart and Bochum take interest. Miazga as well is eligible to play for Poland and played one match for the Polish U-18 team.

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Zozo pls. That was the intent. :P

Anyways. Updating this thread.


Name: Bill Hamid
Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: DC United (MLS)

The best GK in the MLS, DC's pride and joy as the first ever Homegrown player. Heir apparent to sticks at the International Level for the U.S, Hamid has had interest from Europe, especially Italy as of late. Hamid is good short stop, commanding presence and has all the tools to be a good GK for the National Team and whatever club that will want his service. A bit weak when covering the sides of the net.


Name: Dillon Powers
Age: 24
Position: Center Midfield (AM,DM)
Club: Colorado Rapids (MLS)

With a name like that, you wouldn't think that he holds a Italian passport, let alone a European one. But he does and his skillset has attracted interest from Atalanta and Palermo. A combative Box to Box mid with the eye for the killer pass, Powers has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise lackluster Colorado team. Could see a move out of Colorado during this summer or at the end of the MLS season


Name: Zach Pfeffer
Age: 20
Position: Attacking Midfield (AML,AMR,MC)
Club: Philadelphia Union (MLS)

Another promising player at an otherwise lackluster team with shity front office management that makes Newcastle look well run. Was left out of the U.S U-20 World Cup Squad due to the more promising Zelalem taking the last spot. However that doesn't take away from the fact that he is an interesting player. He's the type to look to control the midfield and on occasion get in the box and score. Has been on the first team this season and has 13 starts to name already.

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no Palmer-Brown? :D

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no Palmer-Brown? :D

Soon. Don't worry about that. :D

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yeah what is the deal with P-Brown.

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Mark, Hustini

Got the review to answer your question


Name: Erik Palmer-Brown
Age: 18
Position: Center Back(RB)
Club: Sporting Kansas (MLS)

Palmer-Brown is one the more highly rated if not the highest rated prospect in the MLS and in the USMNT pool at Center Back and in general since Eddie Pope. First thing that set scouts off is that he's big boy at 18. 6'1 combined with 175 lb frame makes him the more ready at least physically to play a good 75 to full 90 minutes. Beside the big frame, his sense of anticipation, reading of the game, Speed, and marking at such a young age make him top prospect that if develop right, can be very good CB/ in world football/soccer. Man U, Chelsea, Fiorentina, and Sporting Lisbon have express interest but Juventus reportedly all but snap his playing rights for $2.5 million. The report also suggest that he'll be staying at sporting to continue his development.


Name: Matt Hedges
Age: 25
Position: Center Back
Club: FC Dallas (MLS)

Named captain of the team at just 23, Hedges is a leader of a young FC Dallas team. One characteristic of Hedges that is common with the rest of the FC Dallas team is calmness on the ball and mind for the more possession based game. On the cusp of a senior national team call up, he could gives Klinsmann options to call when needed.

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Nice :tup:

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What is going on with Palmer Brown? Did Juve sign him?

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Nice work.

Dillon Powers sounds like a porn star, hopefully he turns out good.

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Nice work.

Dillon Powers sounds like a porn star, hopefully he turns out good.


And assume you're a Powers fan due to the pornstar name? :P

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Back another update


Name: Jordan Allen
Position: Right Wing(RB,RWB,CM.RM,AM,AML)
Club: Real Salt Lake (MLS)

Allen, Another recent squad member of the U-20 World Cup, has been been getting rave reviews for his play in the MLS. Already consider a first team member for a RSL team that has been surprising disappointing in league play. A Swiss army knife of a player that can fill multiple rolls on a team and perform well at these rolls. Has much more of a future as a natural right wing due to his pace and inventive play.


Name: Jordan Morris
Age: 20
Position: Second Striker(AML,AMR,ST)
Club: Stanford University (NCAA) Playing Rights owned by Seattle (MLS)

The most ready for international football, Morris is a prospect that ticks all the prerequisites to be a impact player for the U.S in the long run, having impress Klinsmann in a training match against the U.S senior team. At 5'11 and 185 lb, Morris has the body, pace, and ingenuity to play at the Second Striker role and be a impact. As for his future, he has said on all accounts that wants to play for his hometown and club at Seattle, so a European trip although not out of the cards is unlikely at the moment


Name: Paul Arriola
Age: 20
Position: Right Winger(AM)
Club: Club Tijuana (Liga MX)

One of the many player on the U.S youth levels that plays for Mexican club, Arriola is Elgiable to play for the Mexican NT. Has declare for U.S and played for the U.S at the U-20 World Cup. Fast, and like to take on men 1v1, Arriola is expected to play more meaningful minutes for Club Tijuana this season due to off season moves.

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Palmer-Brown named 24th in MLS's 24 Under 24 list.

But now that Poku though :tuttosport:

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Palmer-Brown named 24th in MLS's 24 Under 24 list.

But now that Poku though :tuttosport:

Yea, saw the list, have an issue wit Trapp and Shipp at 4 and 6. While I like Trapp, He's had the benefit of working under a Columbus system that can hide his weakness, especially with tackling and Shipp despite his large talent hasn't done much to hold a spot at Chicago, especially with their front office issues.

Poku is a player I like, should be on course for a good second season if he keeps playing the way he does. :D

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If he actually gets playing time :P

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If he actually gets playing time :P

Blame City Group financial for investing in fat frank. :P

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Blame City Group financial for investing in fat frank. :P

I do :andy2: