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18.01.2010, 05:39
Well, just thought the legend of all legends in Juve's history deserves a thread here. At this tough moment, we certainly miss a character of his calibre running our club. A hugely respected man in Italy and Europe who stuck with the team despite all the other 'Businesses' he had. Close to the team, present at all matches and in training. This is what we're really missing.

John Elkann recently described his late grandfather: “He loved the Bianconeri above everything else – the club’s determination, the genius of its champions and its unmistakable style"...

Something that isn't inherited by Johnny boy, unfortunately.

RIP L'Avvocato...


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Permette signora - speciale Gianni Agnelli (parte 1 di 4)

Permette signora - speciale Gianni Agnelli (parte 2 di 4)

Permette signora - speciale Gianni Agnelli (parte 3 di 4)

Permette signora - speciale Gianni Agnelli (parte 4 di 4)


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Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson: "If you wanna know about Italy, get suited up and go and see Giovanni Agnelli" :D


P.S. Gianni Agnelli speaks English fluently!

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You mean spoke :depressed

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El Santo
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Please come back :sad:

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RIP Agnelli, RIP Juventus

18.01.2010, 10:29
Oh good old days... : )

See what Moggi said today:

Asked if he would be returning to Juventus, he replied: “I will never do it like Bettega with the current board which has humiliated us and tried in every way to condemn us. I don't want to have anything to do with it.

“I would return quickly if Andrea Agnelli were at the helm, also to repay the kindness of the Juventus fans whose affection I have never lacked in recent years.”

18.01.2010, 10:40
What a man he was. He's missed.

18.01.2010, 10:59
RIP Agnelli, RIP Juventus

pretty much

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Is that guy in the picture is Gianni

naked !!! :lol:

18.01.2010, 11:59
You damn right he's naked.

18.01.2010, 12:00
You damn right he's naked.

:lol: god bless he's soul man :tup:

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A young Gianni Agnelli looking more like Johnny!


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From left to right: Gianni Agnelli, Vittorio Caissotti di Chiusano, Giampiero Boniperti, and Umberto Agnelli.


19.01.2010, 13:32
With Platini...
Zidane and Inzaghi...

19.01.2010, 23:46
With Ferrari's Michael Schumacher...


Delle Alpi
20.01.2010, 04:44
I have him as my desktop:cry: I miss him being around the team

22.01.2010, 15:37

Sunday, the 24th of January, marks the 7th anniversary of Gianni Agnelli's death in 2003.

- Alessandro Del Piero: "We all lived a peculiar week when the Avvocato died. I remember we went to give him the last salute at the Lingotto picture gallery and we found an enormous and very varied crowd: everybody, from the professional to the bricklayer, was patiently, quietly waiting in queue to express their condolences to the family. A surreal atmosphere, that remained until the next game, which we played against Piacenza. We managed to win and I scored a nice goal, which I think the Avvocato would've appreciated, specifically because it was different than all the others. I like to think that that goal, so special, scored against Piacenza, on a “normal” League day, was the right tribute to him, as it made a Sunday like many others special. Just like the Avvocato, who was able to make normality special simply through his presence".

22.01.2010, 16:31
This thread :star:

23.01.2010, 00:29
Juventinis about Agnelli...

Michel Platini: "A part of my life has gone. Agnelli was more of a father figure to me and many others. I had an unforgettable relationship with him. He gave me so much and taught me to respect life. A great man is no longer with us".

Alessandro Del Piero: "It’s a very sad day for all of us. He was a person with great ability in judging situations and understanding the football world, being a real expert in that. Juventus and Ferrari were his huge passions but the whole Italy will miss this man of extraordinary class. My nickname Pinturicchio? I remember with joy that episode, along with many other memories. He was always attentive to everything and often I received his early morning calls. I’ve always been astonished by his ability in surprising everyone in all the situations, as he was so capable of giving reasons for reflecting."

Antonio Cabrini: "He was a great landmark for us, when you're talking about Juventus, but in reality, he positively influenced the everyday life, with humor, skill, curiosity. We will miss a man who made football a place rich in humanity. With L'Avvocato passing away, one of the greatest figures of the century is gone. He's a big loss for football and not just Juventus, a loss for sport in general. Apart from sports, Agnelli has contributed the most in the growth of Italy in the past century".

Giovanni Trapattoni: "He was an educated man. Someone that was full of respect and elegance. He also had great football knowledge. In many ways I owe him everything. I’ve always had a close bond with him, one based on respect and affection. He has always stayed close to me in these times".

Marcello Lippi: "I really became fond of him and I think that it was a mutual feeling. We are obviously sad now but were were already since we had known he was ill. I remember that he wanted to celebrate the third star for Juventus, who knows who will give it to him, I'm sure he'll be waiting for it up there".

Roberto Bettega: "In this moment of deep sadness, so many memories came to my mind, infact in every period of my life that I've spent in Juventus, as player and as man, Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli has always been my referring point and a constant presence, with his charisma and cleverness. Through him, symbol of my homecity Turin, I've learnt to love Juventus. And from today I'll keep on loving it even for him".

Michael Schumacher: "I'm very honored for having the opportunity to know a great man like Gianni. I get emotional every time I remember the great ambitions he had for Ferrari, Formula 1 and football and its sensitivity to the problems of the world".

Antonio Giraudo: "The death of Avvocato Agnelli has caused inside all of us deep sadness and commotion. He was an example, representing in a remarkable way our city and our country in the whole world. The Avvocato Agnelli was a huge passionate about sports, football especially, world that always loved and for which he appreciated the genius and creativity of its champions. Anyway, in this moment, there are no words to express fully our feelings".

Vittorio Chiusano: "I have many memories of him and his figure is unforgettable, because of his importance in our Country for his moral, cultural, intellectual and sportive qualities. the Agnelli family and Juventus was an inseparable pair. For Avvocato Agnelli sport was a life lesson and a fundamental moment of joy and amusement among the many important problem connected to his role. That’s why until when his health was good he never missed a match, participating with sincere enthusiasm to the team’s victories, visiting the team in the training sessions where coaches and players welcomed him with real joy. He was interested in their problems and he was used to speak about those problems with them, giving them some optimism and courage. This is why the whole Society, with all its managers and employees, coaches and players, is very close to the family and, particularly, to his brother Dottor Umberto, who has always shared with the Avvocato the love for the Society and the team, having become a real guide for both of them. The team will testify on the footbal pitch his affection and gratitude to Avvocato Agnelli, remembering him and honouring his memory".

Franco Carraro: "A great sports enthusiast, a man who was determined to make his beloved Juventus one of the greatest football clubs in the world. Just like in every other aspect of his life, he succeeded".

Christian Vieri: "It's a real shame. He was a great person and he was a football connoisseur. I'm not just saying this because he spoke well of me. You could tell he was a good judge because of how he spoke and because of his good taste. I believe he was fond of me and he showed it when he had the chance to. And I will never forget this."

23.01.2010, 00:57
Milanistas about Agnelli...

Carlo Ancelotti: "'He was a charismatic man, very passionate about football and Juventus, though discreet when he attended the stadium. He was able to remember men and episodes of the past. As Juventus had just signed me, I got to his office at the Lingotto and learnt at once of his passion for the Bianconero history. I have good memories of him and a high consideration too. 'When he came to the Comunale stadium, he always did as if he didn't want to disturb us, but actually his presence was very important for the team. He was an incentive and spurred the players. He was fond of Zidane and French players in general. However, he liked the shirt of his team and all players wearing it. 'Juventus style comes from the charism and the qualities of the Agnelli family. They have missed one of their leaders, but can still count on worthy representatives who could carry on the traditional and firm Bianconero attitude".

Adriano Galliani: "Sometimes I talked with him, he had an inimitable class. We have missed one of the most influential figures in the Italian affairs of the last decade, an ambassador abroad, an example for many people. When I started working with president Berlusconi, before we joined Milan, he often told me about 'L'Avvocato' and had always special words for him. He was fond of players wearing the shirt number 10. He loved beauty in all its forms and in football it coincides with number 10. An example for today's officials? I think 'L'Avvocato' had a class which won't be easily copied. I remember him once at the Turin stadium but not during a Juventus game. It was a Uefa play-off between Milan and Sampdoria in 1987: we talked a lot of football, it was pleasant. He was relaxed perhaps because his team was not playing".

Pippo Inzaghi: "I have very good memories of the 'Avvocato'. I'm really moved. He was always very kind and affectionate, when he attended training at the Comunale Stadium. Since I heard the news this morning, I have felt close to his family, my ex team-mates and all Juventus fans".

Massimo Moratti: "I don't have any memories or anecdotes in particular and at the moment I don't want to because the sorrow is stronger. His passing away provokes great pain for whoever knew him, and for the greatness of the personality that goes down in Italian history both from the industrial and international relations points of view. Between the Moratti and Agnelli families there has always been a relationship of great competition, but, above all, of great respect and this goes beyond sports competitions. The controversies and competitions form rivalry of a certain type, but in reality with Gianni and the Agnelli family there has always been mutual affection and esteem. It's a great shame, also for the physical pain he has suffered and also for the family related tragedies that have occurred.

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We also did a special on Avvocato after his death:

23.01.2010, 16:27
We also did a special on Avvocato after his death:


Great. Most of the quotes I posted were taken from there. I should've mentioned that.

23.01.2010, 16:30

23 January 2010

He is always with us

«I feel emotional every time I see the letter J in a newspaper headline. I immediatley think of Juventus». Many are the phrases with regards to his favourite team by Giovanni Agnelli which have entered history. These, besides, the protagonists which were all given nicknames which have remained known, as in the case of Alessandro Del Piero nicknamed Pinturicchio. This seems to be a perfect example of the love of the Avvocato twoards his creature, one which accompanied him throughout his life. It was a passion manifested in an immitable style and what the same style he appreciated his idols from Danes Hansen and Praest who illuminated his time as president to Omar Sivori, without forgetting Michel Platini and Roberto Baggio.

Giovanni Agnelli was Juventus, a synonym. President from the 22nd July 1947 until 18 September 1954 and then honoraray president for the whole of his life, it was simply impossible to distinguish one from the other. This was recognized by everyone, starting from his opponents who never manged to enter into a controversy with him who was always capable of recognizing the value of his interlocutors, giving spoke an additional ironical vision which contributed highly to its improvement. His is an example which remains alive and has deeply marked the identity of the people of Juventus.

We are pleased to commemorate him 7 years after his demise with the words written on two big streamers on the first match in his absence: “Ciao, Presidente” and “Grazie Avvocato”. We will remeber him tonight before the match betwen Juventus and Roma, one of the matches which he really found exciting, by means of a very emotional video dedicated to true Juventus supporters.


Kaiser Franco
23.01.2010, 17:33
A worthy platinium spoon fed member of the caste. Developed a relative mastery of allegedly bon mots. Football's Mollicas were in raptures, duly so. Before at last embracing his manifest destiny, created the benchmark for the Lapo's to come. Witness the latter following the same trajectory, for this is the land where strafighi and soubrettes are enthroned. Amen and amon.

23.01.2010, 17:51
A worthy platinium spoon fed member of the caste. Developed a relative mastery of allegedly bon mots. Football's Mollicas were in raptures, duly so. Before at last embracing his manifest destiny, created the benchmark for the Lapo's to come. Witness the latter following the same trajectory, for this is the land where strafighi and soubrettes are enthroned. Amen and amon.


23.01.2010, 18:27
I would like to say RIP. The team really needs someone of his calibre right now! He is sadly missed.

24.01.2010, 12:49
Rest in peace, you are everything that a man should be in life.

24.01.2010, 20:19
Rest in peace Avvocato...respect and love from bianconeri everywhere..

25.01.2010, 15:00
R.I.P. Glad you don't have to see this Juve

25.01.2010, 21:39
r u saying glad he is dead?? :shocked:

26.01.2010, 00:02
This thread should so be a sticky. He is and will continue to be sorely missed.

07.07.2010, 21:37
let's not forget this man...

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Is that Andrea toward the back? I see John.

08.09.2011, 16:15
I think it is

09.09.2011, 01:30

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Very moving video last night to respect the man.

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two legends :touched:

19.12.2011, 18:36
I never understood why they called him Avocado.

Fake Melo
19.12.2011, 18:40
Because he had a degree in law.

19.12.2011, 18:42
I see :shifty:

19.12.2011, 18:54
He studied law at Guacamole University, fool.

19.12.2011, 18:55

19.12.2011, 18:55
He studied law at Guacamole University, fool.Ah!

20.12.2011, 03:57
It's L'Avvocato, not Avocado :P A lawyer, not the fruit ;)

Absolute legend this guy; he got us Platini, Baggio, Zidane, and Del Piero amongst others.

RIP :touched:

20.12.2011, 08:36

Epic shoes :D

20.12.2011, 09:06
I hope Gianni got a tetanus shot after shaking the rat's hand.

Zé Tahir
20.12.2011, 09:11
I never understood why they called him Avocado.



Fake Melo
20.12.2011, 12:36
That was a real Hustini moment right there from Matti.

20.12.2011, 14:07

20.12.2011, 18:10
I hope Gianni got a tetanus shot after shaking the rat's hand.

Pipo is not a rat.

20.12.2011, 20:35
Pipo is not a rat.

It wouldn't be fair for the rat. :agree:

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https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/396379_292024440854071_177001745689675_875578_7679 54727_n.jpg

24.01.2012, 22:55


I bet he was trolling around wearing those shoes.

24.01.2012, 23:13

24.01.2012, 23:13
For you Gianni!

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“Everything can be taken away from us when we disappear. In our lifetime, everything is lent to us. Everything”.
Gianni Agnelli saw the inevitable. Fate decided otherwise, and he had battled with prostate cancer. Nine years ago on Tuesday, the world lost one of its most important figures. A man with an extraordinary power that was often described in Italy with the joke of the Pope celebrating Mass in St.Peter’s Square, when a small kid would go on and ask his relatives who the man is with the skull cap next to Mr. Agnelli.
Gianni Agnelli, so called for the only reason to distinguish him from his grandfather Giovanni Agnelli was also referred to as ‘l’avvocato” which in English means “the lawyer” or “the attorney”, because he had studied law even though he never practiced it.
Little do we know about his life. It is said Gianni remained a mystery even to his closest friends. He was outgoing and polite, and in a way, that was one of his strategies to keep people at a distance. He of course loved to have people around him, but even amidst them (in larger events) he was alone. Gianni as described by his friends, was never the one to ask for help with any problem, personal or business.
Gianni always refused to have bodyguards around him. He would usually say:
“They see too much, and talk too much as well”
… despite the fact that terrorists in Italy were becoming a greater force than the state itself. One captured terrorist testified that he once had had Agnelli in his sights but was incapable of getting off a shot.
Apparently, l’Avvocato was too fast for him. The state itself back then was Gianni and his FIAT company. People in Italy, and mainly his employees would use the slogan, “Agnelli is Fiat, Fiat is Turin and Turin is Italy.” Agnelli had a fortune estimated at more than $2 Billion and probably much more.
Agnelli controlled more than a quarter of Italy’s stock exchange, and a group of enterprises that employed around 360.000 workers. The other activities were newspapers and publishing, insurance companies, food companies, engineering and construction and among the many his “Prima Amore” Juventus Football Club. Most importantly, La Stampa and Corriere della Sera (two of Italy’s three most important newspapers) gave Agnelli the “extraordinary power”.
Journalists were all amazed by Agnelli’s interviews. It was only but normal to ask Gianni about economics, fashion and clothes, something about a politician and even about football or a particular player. As a matter of fact, during his working hours at the Fiat headquarters, he thought absolutely nothing about picking up his phone and calling a sports writer to give an advice about a football player he wanted to sign for his team, the Agnelli family’s own football team – Juventus Football Club. Basically, he knew something about everything. It was his advantage so he could find a discussion of mutual interest with anyone.
Gianni Agnelli was a notorious playboy. His white button-down shirt with the collar points undone; his wristwatch strapped outside the cuff represented an image, a look that was imitated by his admirers. It is also not considered an exaggeration to say that to Italians, Gianni represented the “bella figura”, and was also the ideal example everyone would like to follow: intelligent, successful, rich and handsome. It was no secret that even after he was married to the Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castegneto, he continued his adventures, and he explained it:
“I really loved everything beautiful in life. And a beautiful women, is the most beautiful thing of all”.
He seduced and partied with the powerful. He teamed up with the powerful and lived the “good life” furiously. His love affairs were followed by the paparazzi, when all those beautiful models, singers, ex-wife’s and among them Jackie Kennedy – America’s first lady – passed through the villa of Gianni. They would all go on and confide about their experience with Gianni, the great love which comes only once, and leaves its mark forever. On the contrary, Agnelli always kept the romance strictly private, by saying “Only servants fall in love.”
As noted above, one of the many women, Marella, had to share the marriage with was Jacqueline Kennedy. Gianni Agnelli never made it public about his affair with Jacqueline, and such was his power that even today, the world will discuss it. He was experienced enough to stay discreet about women and none more so than the world’s leading lady.
“There are men who talk of women and others who talk to them. I don’t talk of them, I prefer talking to them,” he professed.
And when once asked about how he would justify himself about womanizing until close to the end he said:
“One can be a very faithful and bad husband, just as one can be unfaithful and a very good husband”.
Both Gianni’s parents died in accidents, but he himself continued to challenge his life by driving on the edge. He survived a number of serious accidents, but died in his bed. He was once driving a woman in his Ferrari at more than 200kph, which unfortunately crashed into the streets very hard. His first thought was for the girl, who fortunately escaped unharmed, and he asked that her identity be kept secret. His leg was left paralyzed, he had a fractured cheekbone and for about three months he was unable to speak. It was about a year later when he appeared to settle down.
Gianni was a trendsetter. Nobody was living it better than l’avvocato during the era of “la dolce vita”, but he also was never able to ignore the business entirely. When the founder of Fiat, his grandfather, died in 1945, he left behind the industry in a dark period during Italian history.
Giovanni Agnelli had co-existed with facism, and after his death, Fiat was in a real danger. Gianni, who was young at that time, persuaded the Americans that the company should be held in private hands, and they were happy to accept that the family owned Fiat could be a stronghold of free enterprise. Gianni’s intentions were not what everybody seemed to think. He handed its top job to Vittorio Valletta, because he was unwilling to accept such a heavy responsibility at such an early age. Gianni became a managing director in 1963 and a chairman in 1966 in which he led his company to many successful years, but some downfalls as well.
Interesting to know that when the “Clean Hands” investigation erupted in Italy, most of Italy’s corrupt personalities were swept away. Gianni on the other hand was a man of actions, and not words. There was a perception that Fiat had a special role in the country and Agnelli’s honest reputation remained untouched, something that cannot be said about other Italian businessmen and politicians.
However, as we all know, money and good looks do not bring happiness in one’s family. He was a restless man throughout his life until the suicide of his depressed son Edoardo in 2000, which many believe that the tragedy has accelerated his own illness and death. Edoardo’s conversion to Islam made his father realize that his only son was not a suitable heir of the family’s wealth.
Edoardo’s path in life, took him ever more distant from the management of the Fiat Company, an issue which never bothered Gianni. Juventus Football Club was the only family position in which Edoardo showed interest, he was quite a fan of football, and that’s what made him root hard for the white and black team during the mid 80’s. During April 20th 1986 as Juventus were making their last efforts to win against Lecce, Edoardo came on to the field and sat next to Giovanni Trapattoni for the whole match, which he later explained the reason: “The reason was the children’s good spirit. It is very important to cheer players on the bench and watch their game as closely as possible.”
His daughter, Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen, was and still is a problem to Agnelli’s family after the death of Gianni. In 2003 she asked for a full accounting of her dad’s wealth. She claims she never got it, and when his son Lapo Elkan became the heir of the Fiat Company, matters got even worst. She rocked the family empire with a lawsuit against her father’s longtime consiglieri, attacking the very people who helped her father collect the wealth which she proceeded to inherit a great part of.
Questions arose as to why doesn’t somebody just show Margherita the complete list of assets, and get this issue done? Just as the question, the answer itself is also very simple, because so far nobody admits to knowing the full extent of everything Gianni Agnelli actually owned. This de facto means that it will most likely take considerable time for Margherita’s lawsuit to reach a conclusion. Today, she is living in Geneva, Switzerland, and has set her powerful family against her.
Gianni Agnelli was closely connected with Juventus, the most renowned Italian football club. He was not only a direct owner but a fan with the strictest meaning of the word. The Agnelli family have been part of Juventus since 1923, while Gianni himself ran the club from 1947 until 1954. At this time the most important players were the Danes John Hansen and Karl Aage Praest, Carlo Parola and above all Giampiero Boniperti. However, because of his busy life and the illness that destroyed him slowly, Agnelli had to resign but there was no doubt that his word was considered final on many major decisions such as the signings of big money players. It was Agnelli who decided that Juventus should buy the three times Golden Ball winner Michel Platini in 1982. Gianni named our beloved capitano “Il Pinturicchio”, which nowadays still lives in our dictionary.
He was in fact, a leader behind Italy’s greatest sporting institutions such as the Ferrari formula one team as well. Such was his success that when he died, he did leave his company in some trouble, but not Juventus, who were the champions of Italy. Gianni would often land with his helicopter at the training grounds and chat with his players, and each visit would surely become a front page story in the press the next day.
Gianni was a more than a President. He was always informed about his players, and he would always bring Juventus to his “home” in Villar Perosa to play some kind of a friendly. He enjoyed a special relationship with the current Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero, and the phone calls every morning at 6 AM to the club’s President Giampiero Boniperti were also considered legendary.
Agnelli remained one of the most important figures for the work of journalists with his comments that were always admired by the press. He once said:
“I feel emotional every time I see the letter J in a newspaper headline. I immediatley think of Juventus”
And also one of my personal favorites:
“Juventus is, for those who love Juventus, a passion, an entertainment … and something on Sunday. We have tried to give them the best show possible and also a lot of satisfaction.”
Such was his image and the legacy he left behind in the hearts of Bianconeri, will stay forever. He loved Juventus for what it really was and he never missed watching his own club play. During his worse times of life, when legs had lost senses and he couldn’t go to the stadium, he used to watch the guys on TV at home. He could barely see, his eyesight was all lost. Marella (his wife) explained how he never admitted any discomfort and how he never told her he couldn’t see Juventus play even on TV, but his pleasure was all achieved by only listening to the sound of the commentator.
He never confessed to his wife about his blindness. Such was Gianni that he didn’t want to discourage her hopes, all in all, his involvement was decisive in making Juventus one of the greatest football institutions in the world, and under the guidance of the Agnelli’s, the twenty-nine time champions of Italy, have become just that.
Much has been said about Gianni, the Italian icon and the myth of Juventus Football Club, who are even today proud to talk of “Lo Stile Juve” and the Juventinitá as some of those precious blessings Gianni gave us. For those who were around him, he left an “empty space” that will never be filled again, and for those like me, who wished they knew him – would do anything to trade places with those whose life’s he touched.

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29.04.2012, 00:19
Sochi President!

29.04.2012, 00:34
He kind of looks like Marchisio in that pic i wonder is Claudio a love child :D

29.04.2012, 01:05
The 30th Scudetto must be dedicated to the great man in a special ceremony.

We'll never forget you, L'Avvocato! RIP.

Oh, and btw, +rep for that article, N03! :tup:

29.04.2012, 04:26
Wow, he was the definition of swagger.

29.04.2012, 05:59
He kind of looks like Marchisio in that pic i wonder is Claudio a love child :D

He actually looks a lot like John.

29.04.2012, 07:08
Gianni :heart:

29.04.2012, 22:10
He actually looks a lot like John.

He does but can you see the Marchisio resemblance? :D

07.05.2012, 01:50

For you, Gianni!

Del Piero Style
07.05.2012, 02:11

07.05.2012, 03:45

Wish you were here my friend :touched:

07.05.2012, 03:53
Maybe your kids aren't all shit. Miss you, L'avvocato. :theflag:

07.05.2012, 04:27
Another Scudetto for you Gianni

07.05.2012, 10:34

07.05.2012, 10:48
for gianni

07.05.2012, 14:01
He would be proud :touched:

07.05.2012, 17:28
our grandpa!!

26.06.2012, 11:15

pure class

26.06.2012, 13:16
ah ha

03.10.2012, 18:36

24.01.2013, 00:41

that last sentence is so so true for all of us I think.

24.01.2013, 08:22
10 years ago today. Rest in Peace.

"I really became fond of him and I think that it was a mutual feeling. We are obviously sad now but we were already since we had known he was ill. I remember that he wanted to celebrate the third star for Juventus, who knows who will give it to him, I'm sure he'll be waiting for it up there". ~Marcello Lippi

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http://www.sportmediaset.mediaset.it/bin/93.$plit/C_27_photogallery_8183_listphoto_itemPhoto_1_immag ine.jpg
http://www.sportmediaset.mediaset.it/bin/42.$plit/C_27_photogallery_8183_listphoto_itemPhoto_15_imma gine.jpg
http://www.sportmediaset.mediaset.it/bin/28.$plit/C_27_photogallery_8183_listphoto_itemPhoto_18_imma gine.jpg

24.01.2013, 11:35
L'Avvocato :touched:



http://www.rai.it/dl/img/2013/01/sport_focus_image2491a1b2f501026cab6777b835cdc5a5. jpg

24.01.2013, 11:37
Such a legend and boss. He's exactly the kind of man I aspire to be.

24.01.2013, 12:14

that last sentence is so so true for all of us I think.

Ciao Presidente :touched:

24.01.2013, 13:30
Best president ever

Fake Melo
24.01.2013, 15:30

24.01.2013, 20:59
May you rest in peace, Giovanni, even though I wish that you were still around. No-one would have dared to do what they have done to Juve, if you were still here!

31.01.2013, 01:41

31.01.2013, 04:33
Replace Pippo aka Rat Face with Del Piero in that pic, and you have the epitome of an epic photo :touched: :D

16.02.2013, 13:35

by Adam Digby

http://inbedwithmaradona.com/storage/Gianniag1aa.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1358900 428280

January 2003 in many ways shaped my life. Within two short weeks two men who more than any other had shaped my view of the world were stolen away. Early that month I lost my father, the man who shielded me through childhood and helped me grow as a man in the way all fathers do for their sons. Fourteen days later, still rocked to the core by that earth shattering news, I awoke to read that Gianni Agnelli – a father who did all that and more for Juventus – had lost his battle with prostate cancer.
Exactly ten years ago today and understandably drained by my personal loss, I struggled to summon the same emotions being displayed on television and in the press at the passing of the one man who moulded the club’s image into what we see today. Stylish and traditionalist in a way most would describe as old fashioned; yet, leading the way with modern ideas and decision making, Agnelli was in many ways the physical embodiment of Juventus football club.
We are, as the saying goes, sons of our fathers’ and much like my own father gave me everything I had and made me everything I am, so Gianni Agnelli forged the Bianconeri. The two men could not be more different, yet they gave everything they had and everything they were to us, in the hope we would mature and grow. They were always proud of us and took the pain and happiness we caused them in equal measure, expressing their joy and sadness at our actions, always showing their total devotion regardless of what we had done.
My father was a quiet, unassuming working class man, who created his own business that grew from nothing into, by the time of his death, a modest one man shop selling handmade picture frames for a small local customer base. Gianni Agnelli was the head of an international empire which embraced the robotic age to produce millions of cars for drivers the world over, while living the kind of playboy lifestyle today’s players can only dream of emulating.
If you could walk past my father in the street and barely remember having seen him, there was no mistaking the eye catching eccentricity of Agnelli’s fashion sense. He may have instilled the infamous ‘lo stile’ in Juventus but his own style was anything but conventional, often teaming brown Gucci boots with a blue pinstriped suit, the buttons of his shirt collar always left unfastened and his wristwatch worn over his shirt cuff ‘to save time’.
His rules for players – no facial hair, earrings, visible tattoos or wild haircuts – were similar to those employed by the New York Yankees former owner, George Steinbrenner. However, there was no mistaking his own iconoclastic image. It made sure people would look twice, but that was just how he wanted it; yet, as Alessandro Del Piero said shortly after his death, “he never spoke unless there was something to be said.” That was a trait he most definitely shared with my father and, like the great President, when he spoke we always listened.
Whether it be a wise piece of advice about day to day life, or a disapproving look about a girl I brought home, he never wasted a word but I always knew it was the right advice and that I should follow it. They knew before almost anyone else what lay ahead – who can forget Agnelli labelling Luciano Moggi a ‘horse thief’ the day he hired him – and, while my own father was never as sound bite friendly as l’Avvocato, his words still resonate as loudly today as they did when he first spoke them.
Every anniversary that passed made us realise just what we lost as first Moggi took advantage of the power vacuum created by the absence of the self-titled ‘stable boy’, then Alessio Secco’s wilful destruction of the Juventus image as perennial winners. It is no surprise that it took one of Agnelli’s direct descendants to rebuild the club as nephew Andrea gained control of the club in 2010 and duly delivered on his promise of a title within two years this past summer.
With the side dominating the domestic football landscape once again, today will undoubtedly witness a proud celebration of l’Avvocato with another stream of dedications to a man fully deserving of every platitude he receives. Seeing his picture always reminds me of my own father as the memories of both no longer sadden me but remind me of happier times, times that once again have returned to the Bianconeri. Ordinarily it is said that no man is ever bigger than a football club, but Gianni Agnelli was no ordinary man. For 81 years he was Juventus and the world is a poorer place without him. A decade is a long time.


12.03.2013, 00:53

Claudio Zuliani (https://www.facebook.com/ClaudioZuliani?ref=stream)
Oggi sarebbe stato il compleanno di Giovanni Agnelli
Happy Birthday :heart:

12.03.2013, 00:54
That's a pretty good monobrow the guy at the front is sporting.

12.03.2013, 01:11
That's a pretty good monobrow the guy at the front is sporting.
the guy next to Galliani ? :D

12.03.2013, 01:14
That's a pretty good monobrow the guy at the front is sporting.

It's like Darth Vader's helmet.

12.03.2013, 01:15
It's like Darth Vader's helmet.

Except the brows are darker :P

Edit: brow

12.03.2013, 02:28

12.03.2013, 04:37

07.05.2013, 15:53
I am sure he rests in peace knowing his great love is in safe hands.

You will never be forgotten, L'Avvocato.

31. :champ:

07.05.2013, 17:01
Remember I, after his dead, read an article about him right next to thr dish washer in my fathers restaurant. I somehow felt so proud, that we had a president like him, but at the same time really sad he now was gone.

07.05.2013, 18:38
Remember I, after his dead, read an article about him right next to thr dish washer in my fathers restaurant. I somehow felt so proud, that we had a president like him, but at the same time really sad he now was gone.

Where does your dad hold a place?

11.07.2013, 15:57

18.01.2014, 11:49

25.01.2016, 19:22

12.05.2016, 03:18
Henry Kissinger on Gianni Agnelli, a great read:





12.05.2016, 09:40
Fuck Kissinger tho

12.05.2016, 17:10
That's a great read. Thanks for posting, pavluska.

12.05.2016, 19:44
How lucky are ALL the Agnelli's to be related to this absolute legend? I'm still surprised why our stadium isn't named after him.

13.05.2016, 05:01
Fuck Kissinger tho

I agree

That's a great read. Thanks for posting, pavluska.

You're welcome :tup:

13.05.2016, 05:52
Pure class

26.05.2016, 05:08
A fascinating and very informative piece on the Agnelli family. A must read.

It's really centered around Margherita's case against her father's consiglieri which turned out to be a case against her family, but you find out about various members of the family, including her father, and the vast empire via this article that's too long to paste:


03.01.2018, 17:56



HBO doc about Gianni Agnelli (in english) released last dec.



03.01.2018, 20:05
This was on HBO randomly a few weeks ago and decided to watch it. Not bad overall. It didn't over praise him but still recognized what he did for Italy in regards to industry and economics.

Powerful lexicon of sorts

CR 7
04.01.2018, 17:25
I just finished watching it. A very interesting documentary

28.01.2018, 07:53
This documentary was very good

29.01.2018, 10:35
does anyone genuinely care who this dude was

29.01.2018, 10:53
:howler: Blasphemy.

29.01.2018, 10:57
does anyone genuinely care who this dude was

EPL fans don't!

29.01.2018, 11:31
EPL fans don't!

I find these things very interesting psychologically

29.01.2018, 12:29
does anyone genuinely care who this dude was

Juve wouldn't be Juve without him.

PS It's certain as hell that Calciopoli (or anything even close to that) would never happen on his watch.

29.01.2018, 12:55
I find these things very interesting psychologically

You do?

The Quazis
29.01.2018, 15:22



HBO doc about Gianni Agnelli (in english) released last dec.



These links are dead already. Anybody has some other source?

29.01.2018, 19:46

30.01.2018, 00:29
I find these things very interesting psychologically

I knew very little about him before the documentary tbh. What do you find interesting psychologically?

30.01.2018, 03:34
The Avocado: heart:

CR 7
10.07.2018, 21:12
You would be so proud :touched: